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Got social allergies? Here’s how to survive your annoying relatives this holiday season

Social allergies are a lot like seasonal allergies. They’re annoying, exhausting and hard to avoid. They’re also especially common around the holidays. That’s because the holidays put you at a high risk of exposure. Swap the dander and ragweed for your not-so-favourite acquaintances and relatives and there you have it — a full-blown case of… Read More »

Help your pet stay cool this summer

As summer starts to heat up, it’s a good time to remember some important ways we can look after our furry friends in the warmer months. Dehydration and heatstroke pose serious risks to pets and wildlife, but there are some simple ways to make sure animals are safe over summer. Protect those paws! As temperatures… Read More »

International Meatless Day 2018: Check Video Ad Featuring Narendra Modi & Aamir Khan, Why Is This Day Celebrated on November 25?

International Meatless Day (Photo Credits: Pixabay) November 25 is observed as The International Meatless Day annually as a reminder to follow a vegetarian way of life. The Stop All Killing Association (SAK) Meatless Day campaign began in India in 1986, started by the Sadhu Vaswani Mission, a social service organisation with an aim to serve the… Read More »