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Giving Patients a Voice in Their Mental Health Care Before They’re Too Ill to Have a Say

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Steve Singer, who has bipolar and borderline personality disorders, knows when he’s on the verge of a mental health crisis. The female voice he hears incessantly in his head suddenly shuts up, and the hula hoop he gyrates while walking to the grocery store stops easing his anxieties. That’s when he gets… Read More »

Scans show the areas of the brain that become activated when an addict thinks about their vice

How the brain reacts to cocaine, alcohol and cigarettes: Scans show the areas that engage when addicts think about their vice Stimulates region at the front of the brain that is linked to pleasure Could lead to treatments that ‘switch off’ networks in this part of the organ Similar non-invasive therapies are used in depression… Read More »