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Have sleep apnea? You might have hearing loss, too

If you’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnea, you may want to schedule a appointment to see a hearing care professional, too. Both hearing loss and sleep apnea canhave a negative impact on your personalrelationships. While researchers are still studying the relationship between the two, hearing loss and sleep apnea appear strongly linked, according to several studies… Read More »

Wait, Ariana Grande's Ex-Boyfriend Might Be Joining Her on Tour….

The time has come to go on an Instagram sleuthing journey together, so buckle up. Ready? OKAY! The other day, Ariana Grande posted a buncha new pictures to Instagram that have ~since been deleted~. The thing is, she tagged @allthingsmean in the pics, which is the photography Instagram run by her ex-boyfriend Ricky Alvarez, who… Read More »