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Two hours or more of screen time makes children ‘badly behaved’

How just two hours’ screen time a day as a toddler can make children more likely to ‘be badly behaved or have ADHD’ Canadian researchers studied screen time among children in 2,400 families Two hours or more per day could lead to a seven times higher ADHD risk The researchers recommend a maximum of 30… Read More »

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HIMSS makes 4 healthcare predictions for 2019

HIMSS today published “2019 Healthcare Trends Forecast: The Beginning of a Consumer-Driven Reformation,” a report that features commentary and analysis from leaders across HIMSS, Healthbox, Health 2.0 and PCHAlliance – each of whom have a birds-eye view of industry trends and the levers of change. By issuing this new annual forecast, HIMSS aims to equip… Read More »

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Collective nostalgia makes people prefer domestic products

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Nostalgia for events experienced by members of your own group can make you prefer domestic products over foreign ones, concludes the first systematic investigation into the effects of collective nostalgia on consumer decisions. The results could help countries bolster domestic industries without resorting to hard interventions, such as tariffs or international… Read More »

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