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Orangetheory Believes in Fitness for All

Orangetheory has offered for the creation of a new, female-tailored, orange spacesuit on the heels of the cancellation of the first all-female spacewalk due to NASA’s lack of viable women’s spacesuits. Why Orangetheory? Astronaut Anne McClain is a member of the Orangetheory family and uses the workouts to help prepare for her time in space.… Read More »

Fitness Recovery Tech: What Is Cryotherapy, What Are The Benefits, And How Does It Work?

Looking like something fresh out of an ’80s sci-fi flick, cryotherapy is the latest craze to hit the mainstream. Used by athletes and celebrities looking for their next holistic fix, those taking advantage of the tech are adamant that it’s way more than just a gimmick. Apparently, freezing yourself for several minutes can aid muscle regeneration,… Read More »