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Mass extinction that killed most life on Earth caused by climate change

The biggest mass extinction in Earth’s history wiped out 90 percent of lifeforms because they couldn’t breathe, scientists have revealed. Global warming left animals gasping 252 million years ago and humans face the same within the next three centuries, according to new research. Dubbed “The Great Dying,” plants and animals were obliterated after a series… Read More »

Viewpoints: Get Behind Doctors’ Advice About Reducing Carnage Caused By Guns; New Exercise Guidelines Lack Muscle

Editorial pages focus on these public health topics and others. The Washington Post: It’s Time To Follow Doctors’ Orders On Gun Violence We never thought we would see the National Rifle Association help advance the discussion of gun violence as a public-health crisis. But that is exactly what the organization unwittingly did when it essentially… Read More »

Very pregnant Kenya Moore gains 17 pounds in one week, possibly caused by preeclampsia

(Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for WE tv) A condition called preeclampsia may be the reason why  Kenya Moore gained 17 pounds of pregnancy weight in one week. The extra weight, likely brought on by severe swelling and water retention, high blood pressure and extra protein in her urine, might cause her to give birth sooner than… Read More »