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New clinic brings affordable homeopathy to Liverpool

A new clinic offering low-cost homeopathic treatment will open in Liverpool city centre this Wednesday, 24th April. Liverpool Homeopathy is a partnership between two charities – the British Homeopathic Association and the North West Friends of Homeopathy – and will based at the Liverpool Medical Institution on Mount Pleasant. The clinic, staffed by a team… Read More »

The Future of the Affordable Care Act: Unscathed by Attacks from the Right, Overtaken on its Left?

By ETIENNE DEFFARGES  Having survived years of attacks from Republicans at the federal level, will the surviving ACA be rendered obsolete by Democrats’ local and state efforts towards universal health care? This could be an ironic twist of fate for Obamacare. Conceived out of the conservative Heritage Foundation’s ideas and an early experiment in Massachusetts… Read More »